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The Raven is an amazing poem written by Edgar Allen Poe; a 19th century writer best known for his poetry and short stories. Edgar Allen Poe had an incredibly unique approach to his writing, it can be best described as a personal appreciation for the macabre in tandem with the use of unconventional topics and themes. Edgar Allen Poe creates crafts his unique stories in a way that only he can relate to due to the unfortunate circumstances that surround of his personal life. The Raven opens as a startling and mysterious story through the use of specific words and the inclusion of the door, or rather, the chamber door. The chamber door is important throughout the story as it not only represents a physical barrier between the man and the outside world but, also a symbolic barrier between the man and the Raven; it is symbolic on the grounds that the events of the story do not start until the man decides to investigate the noise. Edgar Allen Poe uses the word “tapping” instead of “knocking” or “banging” in order to give a sense of volume …show more content…

The Raven is one of Edgar Allen Poe’s most enthusiastically praised stories and it would be unfair for english students not to have the chance to read it and discuss it in depth. While the actual vocabulary may be a bit daunting for some, careful reading gives great insight into the story and it’s meaning. The Raven goes over feelings of grief and intrapersonal relationships with how we perceive the world and how we perceive ourselves and our peers. Not only is The Raven a satisfying story with contrasting ideas that most authors would write about, it also gives incredible examples of how rhyme can be implemented in order to enhance a story and how a story progresses. Edgar Allen Poe ends The Raven in a very open-ended way and therefore what happens next is up to the reader, this strategy is genius and leaves almost everything in the poem up to

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that edgar allen poe's the raven is an amazing poem written by a 19th century writer best known for his poetry and short stories.
  • Analyzes how the raven is a masterful anecdote that is the human experience of loss as well as the grief and psychological trauma that such loss is capable of bringing.
  • Analyzes how the raven symbolizes the death of lenore, and edgar allen poe uses the word "nevermore" as a symbol of death.
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