What Does Medicine Do for You?

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Almost every human being on Earth has experienced some form of medication in their lifetime. Whether it may be pill form, syrup, topical creams, or even a shot; medicine is experienced by everyone. The three medicines that I have chosen to talk about today are Lamisil, Lipitor and Zoloft. All three of these medications must be prescribed by a doctor. Lamisil is a medicine that tackles fungus of the skin, toenails and fingernails. A generic form of this is called Terbinafine. Nail fungus is a type of infection that is caused by certain types of fungi. When the fungus reaches the nail, this causes the nail bed to become thick, discolored and brittle. With the oral tablet, after Lamisil has entered the blood, the medicine then moves into the nails and skin. Then, the medicine either kills the fungi or acts to slow the growth. The active ingredient is Terbinafine Hydrochloride. This medicine can be prescribed either orally or in tablet form. The pill is a 250 mg tablet. As prescribed, the prescription is to be taken once a day. The pill is to be taken for twelve weeks for toenail fungus. For fingernail fungus, only take it for six weeks. The side effects of this medication can be serious. This medicine can actually damage the liver. Others include stomach aches, diarrhea, nausea, etc. Overall the side effects aren’t the best thing one can ask for. But they are left with the option of risking the side effects, or having the fungus. For a whole month’s prescription the cost is around thirty dollars; although, they have the generic brand for around four dollars per month. However, you can take this medicine with or without food; just remember that this pill should only be taken once a day. I feel that this pi... ... middle of paper ... ... medications out there that are worse. Would someone rather risk committing suicide or suffering from a few of these side effects? If I were in this particular situation, I would indeed opt to take the medication. Not only for myself, but for others too. To me, sanity is a very important thing. Works Cited "Atorvastatin". NCBI. 07/10/2010 . "Benefits of Lipitor". LIPITOR atorvastatin calcium. 07/10/2010 . "Rx List The Internet Drug Index". Rx List. 07/10/2010 . "Sertraline". NCBI. 07/10/2010 . "Terbinafine". NCBI. 07/10/2010 .

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