What Does It Mean To Be Educated Essay

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Education often baffles many people to misapprehend what it is “to be educated”. I’ve recently realized that education wasn’t only about school, it’s anything that correlates to anyone’s ability to gain information and knowledge. Everyone have experienced education, for some, everyday. Because many people disdain youth’s intelligence, there’s a misconception that many people have; it is whether or not they’ve experienced education during their youth. From my experience “to be educated” means to have a set goal and be challenged in various ways.
These two elements help determine what it is “to be educated”. Setting goals have been something that I always had in my mind. It helped me with direction, motivation, as well as having a role model. Education for me is and still is about setting goals, where I set variety of specific goals that I desire to achieve in some point of my life. Goals such as getting a high GPA or even to pass a certain class correlates to being able to learn in school. When my Freshman year came around my goal was to do well in school; I began educating myself in and outside of school. Settings goals had me acquire knowledge and that is one of my experience of education. …show more content…

Challenge influences in many ways of being educated. Everyone experiences their own unique challenges. The concept of challenge is to fail, learn, and face something new outside of familiar. I experienced challenge back in 2009, my 3rd grade year. That year I came to America not knowing english, but through speaking daily, studying words, watching american television shows I began to get familiar with english. All the work I put in was what “being educated” meant. Through challenge I was able to speak english and gain confidence. Challenging ourselves in any situation can motivate one to overcome it, as well as gaining that mindset and the urge to overcome through

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