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What is Freedom? People around the world all dream of coming the United States of America. Why, is it our beautiful landscapes, our film industry, or just to be in our company? While all these things are perks, these are not what make America so desirable. They all want the American Dream. They want to come to a country where they have rights and freedom to build a life for themselves. This is only possible with the rights given to all Americans in the constitution. However, as Americans we all know that these rights are not so absolute or free. Often times we have to fight for our rights and/or they are met with great difficulty. What does it mean to have Freedom of speech? In Government by the People it states, “Government by the people is based on every person’s right to speak freely, to organize in groups, to question the decisions of the government, and to campaign openly against them. Only through free and uncensored expression of opinion can government be kept responsive to the electorate and political power transferred peacefully. Elections, separation of powers, and constitutional guarantees are meaningless unless all persons have the right to speak frankly and to hear and judge for themselves the worth of what others have to say.” (Magleby, 2015, p. 423) Our freedom of speech gives us the right to not only to speak but to stand up against what we do not believe in. This protects us from being ran over by other citizens or by our own governments. This gives us the right to speak out against things we fell are not right within our country. This keeps us as well as our government honest. We know we will all be held accountable for our actions or else we will have to face our fellow citizens. However, the right to freedom... ... middle of paper ... ...they are not precisely defined in the constitution, and the Supreme Court refused to define it. The constitution is a strong central base that keeps Americans free and the United States government in motions. These as well as many other rights and freedoms are what make America such a great place to live. There will be time that there is discrepancies and controversy over different rights and freedoms. These are to be expected. The thing that makes the constitution as well as our government so amazing is they have left room for improvement. We as American can come together with new solution to new world problems, while still standing true to our core constitutional values. At the end of the day, we are still free people who have the right to speak our minds, find our own happiness, live together peacefully without persecution. Furthermore, for this we are blessed.

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