What Do You Use to Write With?

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What Do You Use to Write With?

How would you feel if paper and pen were never invented? Furthermore, if Bill Gates the wizard behind Microsoft and the computer never reached they’re full potential and allowed us to begin to write brilliantly using computer technology as a tool? Many of us take for granted the basic tools we today use for writing never fully appreciating what has been given to us by people of the past. When can never truly begin to imagine not actually being able to use basic tools developed over time that help us to write because we have not really ever been faced with those circumstances. “The computer is simply the latest step in a long line of writing technologies.” (Baron 37)

Even after the readings we read in class I did not understand how hard people worked to invent various ways to perfect tools in writing, or how various ways of actual writing like penmanship were perfected through military-like behavior. Such as, the example from the reading implying the tactics used by Platt Rogers Spencer known as the Spencerian method on how to perfect your own penmanship. Also, the examples displayed of different techniques the students used showed how important writing became. “Like coaches of synchronized swimming teams, teachers using Spencer’s system counted out loud or barked commands (‘up,’ ‘down,’ ‘left curve,’ ‘quick’) as pupils performed their handwriting exercises.” (Baron 59) Then again, Plato on the other hand detested even the use of writing thoughts and analogies. However, unlike Plate through our class I have learned that using basic tools to write with is something that should be appreciated. After completing the first class assignment I realized that paper and pen, or even the computer is god sent.

When we first were given this assignment I could not begin to imagine what I would use that could actually be considered all “natural.” At first, I thought I would use something out of the kitchen. I had ambitions to maybe make some spectacular one-word masterpiece out of bread/dough, but after careful consideration, and reviewing my skills in the kitchen that idea was a bust.
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