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Therapy...and Whitacre What do therapy and a man with the last name Whitacre have in common? Actually, a lot more than most people realize. The answer? Music. Music has become an almost essential part of life in the modern age, and it can be seen, or heard, rather, almost everywhere. It influences mood. It influences culture. It influences atmosphere. However, the most important aspect of life that music influences is perhaps the lives of people. Music has the power to influence anyone in countless ways, and it often does not require any education in the field. The three most important ways in which music influences people is through therapy, its influence on mood, and through its powerful ability to unite. As a very unique and often very successful method to treat various cases of disorders, conditions, and impairments, music therapy is a rapidly growing form of therapy. Music therapy improves people’s problems because it is used to accomplish goals that are individualized and specific to every patient. A bachelor 's degree or higher in music therapy from a college or university approved by the American Music Therapy Association is required to become a music therapist. Therefore, only the most qualified are allowed to work in the field. Music therapy is often used to treat physical, emotional, and social needs of people, often resulting in great success. Also, music therapy also allows for ways of communication for people with difficulties expressing themselves in words, which can greatly improve the moods of its patients. Much of the research done on music therapy also proves that it is very effective in physical rehabilitation and emotional support. Finally, this form of therapy is also very helpful when used for children. Dr... ... middle of paper ... ...pling the musical and online landscape to reach millions,” according to Whitacre’s biography. Whitacre’s first three virtual choir performances have collectively reached 6 million views, and with almost 6,000 performers for his fourth, the numbers will only continue to rise. As explained above, therapy and a man with the last name Whitacre have more in common than you might think, the most important being music. Music is a very unique form of art, and has the power to heal, influence, and unite people in more ways than any other form of art. Music is also an extremely powerful tool that has the power to potentially change people’s lives in very positive ways. Finally, unity in the human race is a very important sense to have in the modern age, for it can easily solve many major, current problems of the world, such as greed, warfare, and disagreements over religion.

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