What Do I Like?

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What do I like? • When we talk about different types of management in my classes. • Being a SSL at work (sales and service leader). • Being on the registers. • Learning about how to motivate people. • When I do my job and make our week, month, quarter and year. What do I dislike? • When people do not take their job seriously. • Customers that are mean to my employees. • When teachers do not email back or if they do it is right before class. • Pointless assignments. • How customers act when they find out I am a manager (like I shouldn’t be one because I look young). How do I see the world and how to I interact with other people? • I see the world as it is. Everyplace is its’ own in this world. It is a huge world with many different places. I would say I do not start conversation but when someone talks to me I open up and am outgoing. Variety Security Risk Job Location Try anything Steady paying job If I had enough money I would invest in new businesses I would move anywhere Work in different places or with different people Enough money for me to live off of High risk job I would wa...
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