What Did People Thought About Elvis Presley

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1. Introduction
Have you ever heard of a rock n’ roll legend? Well Elvis Presley was one of them. What people thought of Elvis was, “If Mr. Presley likes it, Mr. Presley will do it.” (Careless Love. 295) Elvis Presley influenced 1960’s America by changing rock n’ roll history, by being an awesome singer, and by being a great actor.

2. Changed Rock n’ Roll history
Elvis Presley changed rock n’ roll history. He broke all record sale predictions, even when he changed his styles of music. (“Presley, Elvis”) Elvis’ fans obviously really loved him because they were always there to cheer him on, no matter what songs he sang. Elvis always had a passionate mind, and could almost always accomplish anything that he set his mind to. Elvis broke all record sale predictions because he had so many supportive fans.
Elvis changed rock n’ roll by selling a lot of records. “His records, 45 of which sold more than a million copies each, his 33 motion pictures, and his appearances on television and in live concerts made the young singer into a one-man industry who by the mid-1960’s was the highest paid performer in show business history.” (“Elvis Presley”.) Elvis records were so good that he sold more than a million copies of them. Elvis changed and influenced rock n’ roll history because he got more than fifty-thousand dollars a performance. He changed rock n’ roll history because he sold so many copies and because he was one of the highest paid performers.

3. Singing
Elvis was an amazing singer to all of the United States. “One of the most successful entertainers ever, Elvis Presley dominated popular music in the United States from the release of his first big record, “Heartbreak Hotel,” in 1956.”Hound Dog,” and “Don’t be Cruel.” (“Elvi...

... middle of paper ... actor, Elvis Presley influenced 1960’s America. He was a legend for breaking records and singing. Elvis was in many famous films. Elvis is a role model for rock n’ roll and the world, to show people to always follow their dreams.

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