What Can You Do When There Is No Justice Or Freedom?

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In the movie Said asserts, “What can you do when there is no justice or freedom? Then there 's the individual that is forced to fight for it. If we give in to the law that says, the strong devour the weak, then we become the animals. That 's intolerable. Death is better than inferiority.” With the crisis going on in the occupied Palestine, people are escaping to the United States. American is scattered with people who think that people who escape theses harsh conditions are coming here to spread violence. As a result of increasing xenophobia and ignorance towards the Arab immigrants and refugees, people should research about the Palestinian/ Israeli Conflict to gain awareness. For bounteous decades, the countries of Palestine and Israel have been disputing over who has rightful ownership of the land that is Palestine. The issue has gotten so bad that many wars have been raging. The movie, Paradise Now highlights the severity of the situation. In the movie people were always ducking and cowering over from the sound of guns being fired and the group of people who are occupying their homes. It shows how the conflict has brought xenophobia and a supremacist mindset among, not just both countries, but the world as well. According to If Americans Knew, the crisis in Palestine, has been happening for decades since the end of the second Great War. Israel’s occupation of Palestine cause the spread of xenophobia within the region (“If Americans Knew”). To stop the spread of ignorance everyone should get informed about the conflict and issues going on in the region. When you gain more information on a topic you can spread that idea, especially with the help of social media, the word will spread fast and people all around the globe can ... ... middle of paper ... ... the citizens want to bring a change for justice. Having peaceful protest might not have the rapid effect of violent protest, but it shows the severity of the situations and in addition it shows that many people care about the issue and are willing to accomplish it peacefully. In conclusion, the conflict between Palestine and Israel should be researched and took seriously. It does not just pertain to the people that the crisis is happening to, it pertains to everyone who has a voice and the chance to help make a difference and bring justice. It has caused xenophobia and ignorance, but these problems can be solved with protesting things that associate with the unjust. I challenge you stop buying goods produced by the occupier and stand with the bringers of justice to make a change that not just affects Palestinians, but other nations being occupied as well.
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