What Can We Do As A Community For Public Education?

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John McIlmoil A couple of months ago, Fidel Montero, accepted a new job to be Timpview High School’s new principal. I wanted to interview him because he accepted that job. Before he was principal at Timpview he was in the President 's cabinet at UVU. Mr. Montero had some things that happened that he needed to take care of so the interview didn’t happen. I ended up interviewing John McIlmoil who is a physics teacher at Timpview, no that’s not me, he is my Dad. I wanted to interview them because of something I heard on the radio about a teacher saying she wasn’t gonna give out homework. Another reason was to know what is happening with the students. What challenges do they now? Because when I was in high school all the new technology just started to come out like the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5 and they became huge distractions for us. One answer he gave really surprised me. I asked him “What can we do as a community to improve public education”. He responded with this “I’ve received training to teach high school physics and other subjects. I have received training to diagnose depression, eating disorders, mental disorders. I 'm supposed to take care of their [the students] physical health. I have all these responsibilities that keep growing greater and greater and it would be nice to know what my responsibility really is. Because I don 't think many of those things are my responsibility. So I think to help education it would be nice to have the community to sit down and decide what education is supposed to do and what me to as an educator is supposed to do” My Dad 's answer surprised because I really didn’t know that he as an educator has been trained on so much but has never truly been told what he is supposed to do. Is he supposed... ... middle of paper ... ...is training on so many things that don’t apply to what I have been taught to do as an educator. I think the best people/communities can address these problems is taking the time to listen to the educators about how they as a community can address these problems. After that actually talk about it and not brush it off like nothing is going one. They need to take the bull by the horns and really work on this. I know they could improve public education if they put the time in it. The teachers would end up teaching, not be taking care of the things that aren’t supposed to take care of. The students would learn for themselves and in the end, learn about the love and support they have from home. The outcome would be the community would be a better place. People would be more responsible, smarter, nicer and more intelligent. But, hey I guess that 's a perfect world.

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