What Becomes of the Christian-Hearted

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In general, living a life of Christianity is difficult. It means giving up your whole heart and oppose all the temptations and “enjoyments” in the world for God and your Savior. It is no walk in a park; it takes a lifetime of discipline and love just to come close to this kind of living. The devil can easily lure your mind into all these worldly pleasures but imagine if the devil is not your only enemy. What if the people around you, your family, your friends and even the government, will add to these hardships of being a Christian. These people would often persecute Christians, punishing them even as far from death for loving and believing God.

Junia, a typical ignorant Roman girl who thought that Christians are members of a cult, came to know Christ, with the help of Marcia and Scintilla, ended up sacrificed her life for the love of God believing if that was the faith of her life and God’s will so be it. In the book, The Author describes how the Romans depicted Christians and how it was a crime to be one. It can give dishonor to you and your family even if you were in a family of high rank. Christians are said to be dumb, ignorant, uneducated people who eat the body and blood, to be “saved”. So it would be great dishonor if the senator’s daughter would be a Christian but Junia accepted all the hardships of being a Christian.

There are a lot of motives why Junia gave her life to Christianity. She was born in a Stoic family. Gaius, the senator and her father, taught Junia about Stoicism, self-discipline and controls one’s emotion, however, Junia never fully believed and thus, never committed in this kind of living. She was longing for something better. Nevertheless, the main reason she came to know Christ, as her lord and sa...

... middle of paper ..., be made by human hands into utensils resembling other utensils? Are they not all deaf and blind and lifeless and senseless and motionless? Are they rotting away, not all doomed to perish? These things you call gods; these you serve; these you worship.”

The author is talking about how the Christians are avoiding worldly pleasures and that they are not enslaving with the desires in Earth. This is the first thing Scintilla taught Junia about the Christians. “We believe that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and that it is wrong to violate them.”

“Christianity is a religion of sacrifice and duty…. In the end, Christianity will help the Roman Empire because it is making people better on the inside, where it counts.”

This is what Junia learned and concluded about Christianity.

Even though the story ended with the death of Junia, Christianity won.
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