What Are We Having For Dinner?

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When an American household questions, “What are we having for dinner?” a conventional American response is simply, “I am not sure.” There are so many delicious and convenient food choices to choose from in America, but that delicious convenience can have detrimental health effects later in life. With today’s technology it is very simple to find a healthy recipe, purchase the healthy ingredients, and enter the kitchen for meal preparation. Notice that whichever choice is made, it requires its own sacrifice. The diversity between fast and healthy food include convenience, cost, and overall health effects. Any individual living in America has crossed this dilemma on more than one occasion. Anytime convenience is paired with food, it automatically leads the audience to think fast food; and rightfully so, due to fast food being very popular for drive-through and quick preparations. A thirty year old who is working a full-time job, attending a three hour college course after work and squeezing in forty five minutes of exercise after class is going to want a convenient meal. According to an article in The Atlantic, the true convenience of fast food is that it is everywhere people are. Fast food is in office buildings, department stores, rest stops, schools, malls, airports, hospitals, and more. It can also attune odd shift work and offer wonderful playrooms for energetic children and gives parents a break. To eat healthy can be convenient, but it requires more work. The first step is stocking up on healthy foods, but use caution because fresh fruits and vegetables will spoil if not kept properly. Preparing healthy food requires proper planning. Meal preparation is a huge factor of convenience in healthy eating. It require... ... middle of paper ... ...ns and lower levels of fats and sugars. More healthy home cooked meals may help lower the American obesity trend. In brief, preparing food at home allows the individual to know what they are consuming and fast food consumers are gambling with their health. Fast food and healthy food effects the American culture differently through convenience, cost, and health. There are many factors that determine what an individual consumes as fuel for the body. Most fast foods are direct opposites of healthy foods; sometimes healthy foods are not reality for that shift working mom of five kids. Planning meals ahead is very ideal, but is not always reality. Sometimes fast food is a life saver in specific situations. Having a balance is key. It is impossible to imagine life without either. Also healthy lifestyle changes such as exercise can help in the battle of the foods.

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