What Are The Work Differences Of Generation X And Generation?

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There is a continuing concern about the generational gap and how it influences the workforce. Also, employers have a legitimate concern about how to prepare for the next generation to enter the workforce. Those concerns could possibly be put to rest, by having knowledge of and recognizing the differing work values of Generation X and Generation Y (Millennials), two of the largest generations in the current workforce. There are four generations in the workforce today- Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. Most of the Traditionalist has already retired and the Boomers are currently in the process of retiring, or will retire in the near future. This paper will examine the work values differences of Generation X and Generation…show more content…
Also known as the Veterans, the Silents, the Silent generation, the Matures, the greatest generation, this generation includes individuals born before 1945, and some sources place the earliest birth year to 1922 (Tolbize, 2008, p.2 ). Typically, Traditionalists respect authority and possess family values that keep their work and family lives separate. Generally motivated by money and position like their Baby Boomer children, Traditionalists take pride in being self-sacrificing and thrifty. They tend to work hard from a sense of pride and determination, consider debt or obligation to be embarrassing, and acknowledge that change comes slowly (Wiedmer,…show more content…
As 'latch-key' kids they learned to take care of themselves at an early age, of necessity finding novel solutions to difficult problems (Jurkiewicz, 2000). Generation X is made up of individuals who are fun, skeptical, informal, and cautious. GenX survived through two major recessions during the 1980s and 1990s. Because of these circumstances, Generation X grew up with family and financial insecurities, but with great diversity, and a sense of individualism over collectivism, according to Jurkiewicz (2002). As a result, Jurkiewicz characterizes GenXers as independent, individualist, and independent goal setters. Also, GenXers came of age during an ample growth of technology. According to Jurkiewicz (2002), due to having to learn and sort through this new information rapidly, GenXers are creative and can thrive in a chaotic
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