What Are The Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation

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The government of the United States under the Articles of Confederation was split between two main powers, the colonies and Britain. The colonies struggled to overthrow the British government and create their own government. The United States Constitution was drafted to replace these Articles in order to address many weaknesses, while meeting both the colonies and the government’s needs. Under the Articles of Confederation, there were many things the federal government couldn’t do. It couldn’t tax, make trade treaties, resolve disputes between states, keep order, and pay its debts. To help solve these issues, the writers of the Constitution created a federal government with three branches. Each branch had distinct powers to carry out its responsibilities. The thirteen American colonies of the United States needed a government to replace the British system they were attempting to overthrow. The founding fathers came up with the idea of The Articles of the Confederation during …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • States that the united states constitution was drafted to replace the articles of confederation to address many weaknesses, while meeting both the colonies and the government’s needs.
  • Explains that the articles of the confederation provided the united states with one national governing body from 1781 to 1789. they were drafted in 1776 before america declared independence.
  • Explains that the articles succeeded in maintaining the union of the thirteen states and clearly outlining the general powers of centralized government. the articles brought the revolutionary war to a close and created the north west ordinance.
  • Opines that the lack of a strong national government led to three limitations: economic disorganization, lacking central leadership, and legislative inefficiencies.
  • Explains that congress was not allowed to regulate trade and commerce with native americans, and states and the national government could both print money.
  • Explains that there was a lack of central leadership which left the entire judiciary system up to each state.
  • Explains that the united states constitution addressed the weaknesses in the articles of the confederations.

For example, congress was not allowed to regulate trade. James Madison wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson stating that each state was concerned with their own matters. He wrote “The states are every day giving proofs that separate regulations are more likely to set them by the ears than to attain the common object.” (Brackemyre, 2015). Congress was able to regulate trade and commerce with Native Americans, even then it could not stop each state’s ability from regulating its own trade. There was no system of National currency. States and the National government could both print money, this made trade very difficult among states and foreign entities. Under the articles the states only had the authority to impose taxes and raise money. This caused congress to request money from the states at times. In many occurrences the money was not raised in a timely manner and sometimes not at

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