What Are The Three Strongest Contributing Factors For Human Identity?

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In your opinion, what are the three strongest contributing factors to human identity? There are three main components that compose the human identity. These conducive factors are circumstance, where you’re placed and situated and how your environment shapes you; relationships, the bonds that you create and form with others; and influence, how socio-ethno-religious factors also mould your identity. These elements combined at their very core form the base of human identity. Relationships are a very strong factor when it comes to human identity; the ones you foster ranging from friends to family and even strangers in passing all contribute to who you are. The bonds that create with humans across different race/gender/sex/class lines all shape your experiences and especially your identity. Your family initially mould you into the person you will be, the morals that will be instilled into you through them will be the ones that you carry throughout life. Relationships evolve you as person, whatever relationship: romantic, platonic, family you enter and exit as a different person, you 're never stagnant your friends and family influence you, you pick up their habits, speech, opinions and ideas and so on. The household you grow up in, the teachers you have even and your friends, all these interactions influence you. Humans have always lived in communities, sought solace in each other since the beginning of time, so why wouldn’t it be an important? The importance of relationships manifest through the collective idea of culture: being connected to a larger group of people, whom you may not know however there is a sense of traditions whom bind you together, or language and so on, the construct of family, a significant other, friends ... ... middle of paper ... ... be two vastly different people. Milestone events that an individual can or cannot control in their life, essentially help shape their character whether that be through losing a job, falling terminally ill, or starting a new school. In these instances a person adopts new coping mechanisms, learns lessons and has new experiences in a different setting all contribute to their character and how they evolve. In which certain situations out of a person’s control like class (minusing social mobility) their circumstance will affect their human identity as they may not have the traits they currently have if they were to grow up in a vastly wealthy family. Your geography, were your places which translates into the language(s) you speak, as well as your social class and so on all impact your character as essentially we are all products of our environment to an extent.

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