What Are The Three Pillars Of Sustainable Development?

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What do you think Sustainability means? I think that Sustainability means sustaining all of the important resources in the Earth and sustaining life on Earth towards the future for other generations of humans. When I think of sustainability and how something can be sustainable, I think that it means that something is able to endure hardships and continue on in face of obstacles. How are wellness and sustainability linked? Wellness and sustainability are linked because if we keep the Earth sustainable than that means there is better air to breathe, especially for children in schools. If we keep our Earth clean, then we are keeping what we put into our bodies clean. By making a school sustainable, that saves more money which can be put towards…show more content…
The three pillars of sustainable development are environment, economy, and social justice. If our environment isn’t happy, then the economy isn’t happy because maybe plants aren’t growing as well as usual because the environment isn’t happy. Then, if the economy isn’t good that means more people get worried, stressed, and unhappy. This can lead to problems with social justice. In order to have a sustainable development, these three pillars need to be balanced and working together. A lot of things sort of rely on the environment and how we are taking care of it in the long…show more content…
Animals wouldn’t survive without plants or other animals to eat. In order to make a location or place sustainable, it will need to work of a community and teamwork. If a community builds healthy relationships they can begin to see the community begin to thrive because everyone is leaning on each other and is there for each and every person. “The Real World Is The Optimal Learning Environment”: When activities and lesson are connected to real world problems or events happening it will tend to resonate more with students because it has an important meaning. I know that as a student, a lesson resonated more with me when I knew the importance and urgency of knowing that specific knowledge or doing a specific activity. “Sustainable Living Is Rooted In A Deep Knowledge of Place”: Knowing more about the place that you live in, will tend to make people care more about what is going on in this place they call home. I know that in Chicago, we have talked a lot about the water coming from Lake Michigan and how it isn’t as healthy as we thought. However, if I wasn’t knowledgeable about that then, I wouldn’t feel the need to maybe look up more information or see if there is anything I can do to help. What are the fundamental facts of ecological

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