What Are The Styles Of Parenting

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Styles of Parenting There are many reasons for the different approaches people decide to take when it comes to parenting. Values, attitudes, beliefs, and goals all play a part in how parents raise their children. Although there many factors that influence how a parent behaves, their behavior can be narrowed down to four styles. It is important to remember that these styles are flexible and generalized. Many parents do not fall completely into one category or the other. The first parenting style is labeled authoritarian. Adults in this category most likely believe parents should be strict and maintain structure. Obedience is extremely important to these parents and they tend to discipline their children using physical punishment, like spanking,…show more content…
Children of permissive parents are often seen as spoiled and inconsiderate. They grow to be impulsive and lack self-control. They may feel insecure because of the lack of boundaries and guidance. The third category is uninvolved parenting, which is also known as rejecting-neglecting parenting. Both the authoritarian and permissive styles deal with parents who love their children and act in the child’s best interest, even if their approach has negative outcomes. Parents who fall into the uninvolved category, however, are extremely uninvolved in their child’s life and show little affection or discipline. While they fulfill the child’s basic needs, they do not provide much more than that. In extreme cases, they may even reject or neglect their children’s basic needs. Since these types of parents tend not to support their children in school, teach life skills, or encourage socially acceptable behavior, it is not surprising that this parenting style has many negative effects on the child. They feel unimportant and lonely, and are likely to develop mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. They lack self-control, have a low self-esteem, and struggle academically. It is also likely that they become addicted to drugs or alcohol as they grow
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