What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Hillary Clinton

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Persuading an audience to see your point of view, or listen to your ideas is not an easy task, especially if your audience consists of 80 million people. Before the 2016 Presidential Debate even began people were talking about how it would be one of the most viewed debates in history. The stakes are high and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s every word is being torn apart and analyzed. Their success in this campaign will come down to whose strengths will carry them through, and whose weaknesses will ultimately take them out of the race. Strength Hillary Clinton’s strength is that she has spent years in the political world. She knows what being president entitles since her husband was a former president, and since she has been in politics…show more content…
Since he is a gifted businessman he knows how to work a crowd, and he knows how to sell his ideas to his audience. Trump will win most of his votes from people who are not educated enough to understand how politics work. Also, since he is a billionaire he funds his own campaign, which means he does not have lobbyist breathing down his neck. Weaknesses Hillary is having to work incredibly hard to get out of her husband’s shadow. She is extremely distrusted, and she focuses too much on the tactical side of things. Although she is a good public speaker, there are times she lacks charisma, which makes her come across cold or boring to audiences. What might possibly be her biggest weakness would have to be the fact that she has been involved in or associated with multiple scandals. Trump struggles with thinking before speaking. He will do/say anything to win others over. Since he often says the first thing that comes to mind he seems to tell unnecessary lies and goes off on rants. He is too eager to argue, which makes it difficult to follow his speeches. Trump has also alienated a large variety of people, which has divided the American people rather than finding a way to bring people together. However, his biggest weakness is his lack of political knowledge and…show more content…
Hillary has the same opportunity to make history by becoming the first women president. She also has her ex-president husband Bill Clinton by her side, which means she has someone with extensive presidential knowledge. Trump’s biggest help in the race is actually running against Hillary. Because Hillary is tied to so many scandals there are many of the American people who think she is paying to have her mistakes brushed under the table. People will not vote for a crook. Threats The biggest threat to Hillary is her past ordeals coming back to haunt her, which includes Bill Clinton’s questionable behavior/history. Also, she can be over confident because she believes her history and experience in politics are going to will the election for her. Also, her health plays a critical role in how she performs during the next few debates. Trump has a pretty lengthy list of people who would love nothing more than to see him fail. His temper will also continue to get him into trouble. Trump, like Hillary, can be over confident and he underestimates Hillary. Debate

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