What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of SAP SCM?

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Strengths According to Gartner, SAP SCM accounts for about 19 % of the global market share (“SAP Software Review”, 2014). SAP has very good lineup of Supply Chain Management software features and robust functionality (“SAP Supply Chain Management", 2014, 2014). SAP SCM is already integrated and used by many global companies around the world. An interesting feature of SAP SCM is its upgradability .Recent survey says that 67% of the users have upgraded after the extended maintenance agreement was up and 95% of SAP users are planning to upgrade from their previous versions (Wailgum, 2012). SAP SCM comes up with a set of powerful tools which exceed the business process automation, thereby helping the global organizations in making strategic management decisions by reporting future needs (“SAP Software Review”, 2014). With SAP multiple forecast modeling techniques are available and it also selects the best fit model. This accurate forecasting is achieved by incorporating factors such as trends in product lifecycle, bill of materials, causal forecasting in addition to demand history. Th...

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