What Are The Strength And Weaknesses In College Essay

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College freshman face many challenges and difficulties transitioning from high school to college. For instance, writing composition is one of the challenges I face in college. The final assignment; a portfolio, provides me an opportunity to discover my true strengths and weaknesses of writing college tier essays. Reflecting over my growth in the course objectives, I have been able to acquire the true strengths and weaknesses of my writing. Freshman writing composition assists in revealing my two strengths in critical thinking and personal responsibility in writing essays, but also exposes the two major weaknesses of my communication skills such as grammar and mechanics within my essays. Freshman composition has helped me develop my critical…show more content…
To explain, my weakness in style errors occur in all my essays: “Cause and Effect of Technology and Globalization,” “Financial Advisors in Today’s Work Place,” and “Too Much Spending by the government?” The instructors analysis of all three essays address the following style errors that consist of sentence fragments, pronoun reference, parallel structure, coordinative, and unnecessary words (“Cause and Effect … ” 1-5; “Financial Advisors … ” 1-5; “Too Much Spending … ” 1-5). Another illustration of my writing from the essay “Cause and Effect of Technology and Globalization” is a sentence fragment, “That is to say employers are looking for graduates …” Correcting the sentence fragment and revising the sentence appear here by changing the sentence fragment from “that” to “In other words” (“Cause and Effect…” 3). To demonstrate another weakness in my writing is the use of unnecessary words. An example of this is “… employers require of their new employees to acquire for a position …,” and the unnecessary word is “to acquire,” and either the phrase is unnecessary to the sentence or it could be expressed more concisely (“Financial Advisors …” 1). These examples show how I have weakness in my style of writing. Undoubtedly, being able to use style is key because it exemplifies the tone, and professionalism in my writing can improve an opinion about my essay. For that reason, I desire to obtain the appropriate writing style as one of my