What Are The Strategies For Ethical Leadership

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Strategies for Ethical Leadership Development Leadership is more than a skill, more than the knowledge of theories, and more than analytical faculties; it is the ability to act purposively and ethically as the situation requires on the basis of the knowledge of universals, experience, perception, and intuition (Toor and Ofori, 2009). Ethical leadership is considered as the demonstration of normatively appropriate conduct through personal actions and interpersonal relationships, and the promotion of such conduct to followers through two-way communication, reinforcement, and decision-making (Brown, Trevino, Harrison, 2005). The strategies that I will utilize to develop my ethical leadership is establish a code of conduct, conduct compliance training, and model ethical behavior in my organization.
Strategy 1 Establish a Code of Conduct The first strategy that I will use to develop my ethical leadership is establish a code of conduct and values within my organization. My organization’s values will consist of integrity, respect, and honesty. Behaving with integrity entails the ability to determine the ethically correct course of action in a given situation (Keating, Martin, Resick, and Dickson, 2007). My organization will conduct business with character, which will include: (1) Making
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My employees have a written guide to follow and they are equipped with the training to ensure that they are conducting themselves ethically. The strategies that I have created will help me develop as an ethical leader who has an ethical organization that lives and breathes its ethics and core values (Mind Tools, 2017). As a leader, I must demonstrate the highest moral standards and ethical conduct in my everyday talk, actions, decisions, and behaviors so that others in my organizations can follow suit (Toor and Ofori,
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