What Are The Social Effects Of Excessive Gaming?

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In the world we live in today, people are slowly becoming more disconnected with each other, hanging out with each other less, and spending more time on their phones, laptops, and playing video games. With this, more players tend to become addicted to these games and ultimately begin to lose social skills in the real world. Many players become overly hostile online and tend to have dull social skills. This topic has affected me in the real-world as I manage an online gaming network with hundreds of players, and these types of issues I have to deal with on a daily basis. To keep this from happening, I believe players should meet other local players in order to increase social interaction, and prevent them from becoming overly hostile and antisocial. A big problem with the gaming…show more content…
In a study conducted by Jonathan Scott and Alison Armstrong, they studied the positive and negative social impacts of gaming. The study found that MMORPG players experienced more online friendships to a greater degree and experienced a better entertainment and playing experience than what could be found in the real world. The study confirms that gaming is “Compelling, immersive, and socially rich environments” (Scott). While this may be true, it is easier to gain friends online than in the real world, I believe that users still become distracted from real world opportunities and slowly withdraw from real life roles and gaining basic social skills with people in the real world. With some, they are very outgoing online while in person they are very shy people. To those who enjoy gaming online they use as a way to seek comfort in a controlled way while others take it as refuge from everyday problems. While gaming in general is not bad for these purposes, many still need to take action and ensure that their social interaction is not just limited to online and rather make a balance between the

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