What Are The Social Determinants Of Health?

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The aim of this report is to shed light on some of the social determinants of health that affect the children held in the Nauru detention centre. The Social determinants of health are the physical, social, ecological, environmental, spiritual, and emotional factors that shape and define an individual’s life and determine whether they are ultimately healthy or unhealthy. Many people, for example the children in the Nauru detention centre, are negatively impacted by the determinants of health they experience, and this can be detrimental to overall health. The children on Nauru are exposed to a harsh life where physical environment, child development, and education and literacy are all affected. With inadequate health care and support systems in place this situation will possible affect these children for the rest of their life, leading to chronic ill health.…show more content…
However children on Nauru are often seen by medical professionals as displaying traits that are not appropriate in the development of healthy children. Professor David Isaacs (2015) and The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (2015) both comment that children in detention, specifically Nauru, are not just displaying physical signs of ill health; but also symptoms of poor mental health such as constant sadness and crying, worry, fear, anxiety, restlessness, bedwetting and post-traumatic stress disorder. The Royal Australians College of Physicians (2015) also state that children on Nauru display language and developmental delays that are significant, as well as poorly treated physical health. The Human Rights Commission of Australia (2015) reported that 2% of Australia children suffer from mental health issues, however of the children who are detained 34% suffer from significant mental health

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