What Are The Similarities Between The Empire Of Roman And Ancient Rome

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The empire of Rome started about 509 B.C. and ended in about c. 500 A.D. The Republican government in Rome lasted from 509-287 B.C. The government was bicameral which means there’s two houses or assemblies. In Rome’s case these two houses were the Senate and the Tribal Assembly. Also the government contained two consuls which would basically be two presidents today. The government also composed of the centuriate and tribal assemblies, who were groups of Roman citizens who elected the leaders. Republican society in Rome was composed of patricians and plebeians. During the time of the Roman Republic the Romans were steady adding new territories to its empire. In 265 BC Italy was conquered and smartly added many of their defeated states as allies.…show more content…
Both countries didn’t allow women and slaves to obtain citizenship, and members of the poorer class in both countries weren’t allowed to vote or hold office. Also in these times the two countries both had their problems in leadership and government. Rome during these times became the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion under the rule of Constantine. Also during these times two of the greatest conquers where from these two countries when you think of Alexander the Great in Greece and Julius Caesar in Rome. Although having historical military leaders like these two over time this would lead to both of their demises. The differences between the two early nations was that Greece was really a democracy and Rome was more of a republic. Also you can see the leaders filled more of a military role than leaders from Greece. When think of leaders from Rome such as Julius and Augustus Caesar who both were very familiar with the battlefield. There were some leaders in Greece who commanded armies but it wasn’t like they had to when you think of leaders such as Solon who was more of a speaker or poet than a

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