What Are The Risks Of Climate Change And Global Warming?

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What are the risks of climate change and global warming? Climate change is changing our economy, health and communities in a lot of different ways. Scientists have warned us that if we do not do something soon to stop polluting our planet, the results will likely be disastrous. Climate change affects all of us. Global warming can increase the chances of illness and some cases death because of the extreme heat and heat waves. Some people still don’t believe that global warming is real, but because of a lot of studies, that scientist have conducted, we have proof that is it real and we need to do something about it. Scientists have proof that even though the temperature in your local area might not seem to change it is changing when they take an average temperature in the whole world. Although local temperatures don’t seem to change and act naturally, over the past 50 years the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history because of green gases. Scientists say that unless we curb the emissions that cause climate change, average U.S. temperatures could be 3 to 9 degrees higher by the end of…show more content…
Some of the effects we have experience already are sea level rise, floods, droughts, wildfires, and extreme storms that require expensive repair of homes, roads, bridges, railroad tracks, airport runways, power lines, and dams. Droughts are some of the biggest effect in our economy because droughts have had affected the loss of productivity. Affecting our crops to grow and making food a lot more expensive. Global warming also causes disruptions in daily life, like climate change. This can cause people to not be able to report for work and make it difficult for students to attend normal school days. Transportation is also affected because when a storm hits it can damage the road and make it impossible to drive a vehicle threw(Source: Global Warming Effects on the Economy
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