What Are The Pros And Cons Of Community Corrections

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Community corrections have always been a target of cultural criticisms and many do not agree or approve when convicted offenders are allow to reenter the community. Most convicted offenders remain in the community, community corrections has always been undervalued and undersupported. Community correction is not financially support from the members of the community at all (Wilson & Petersilia, 2011). Many community would not easily accept a convicted offender in their community, even though today’s society are more acceptable on giving a second chance and many crimes are considered petty to some people. For example, the use of marihuana has been legalized in many states for medical use or recautional. Legalizing the use of marihuana had…show more content…
By taking a guilty plea most offenders are allow to reenter the community by reducing their sentence such as probation or parole and as well as doing community hours work. This means that these offenders are require to work the agreed amount of hours without pay in our community. As difficult as it can be for many members of the community, we have to accept been surrounded by people that were convicted before. This does not mean that every one convicted of a crime is a bad person or that this person would commit a crime again. Unfortunately, as no dangerous prisoner are been release and allow to reentry the community as well are the dangerous…show more content…
This can be frustrating for the community and others that work within the cases. Often we see offenders committing crimes over and over again and they still get the opportunity to reenter the community. Some offenders enter to prison already hoping for a plea offer. I have heard many offenders explaining how well they know the system. Some of them feel no regrets for being in prison again. Many have told me “I don’t worry, will be out soon, I’ll just take a plea and they’ll let me go”. This is a very sad statement to hear because while we are fighting to keep them out of the street and out of our communities they still get the chance to reentry the community and offend again. Another perfect example is the sex offenders. Many sex offenders served a small portion of their sentence, and they reenter our communities and many will offend. It is vey scary to look at they sex registry around your community. If look at any of our community sex offenders registry maps would, the map will point a sex offender at least a few houses away from yours if not next to yours. Then we wonder how come the correctional system and the criminal justice system in general allow sex offenders return back to our

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