What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Civilian Review Board

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Civilian review boards have become an essential in many states dealing with an indecent use of police force. A civilian review board consists of people that are appointed to special boards to review the task of the police deciding whether to incriminate them or withdraw any/ all consequences. The first review board was established in 1950 when 18 organizations created the “Permanent Coordination Committee on Police and Minority Groups” to regulate the police brutality amongst Hispanics and African-American (CRCB History). Three years later New York City took action and created what we know as a Civilian Review Board, however it consisted of three deputy police commissioners that investigated resident complaints. In 1965 Mayor John Lindsay…show more content…
Many police opposed the thought of having a civilian review board. They believed that people who aren’t police officers are not competent to evaluate the actions of police officers. Also they felt as if it is a violation of the authoritative independence. Many officers also believe that in a case of an act of crime between two races (white officer to a minority), there would be a bias (C. de Guzman, M.). In an African-American neighborhood the civil review board would be against an act of a white officer using forceful tactics against an African-American. They believe the board would be biased. Many police are afraid of this outcome because they’re aware that it’s a possible chance they would be penalized for their act. Also another con would be if the policed lied through his statement and had his/her witness lie to protect their job. Then they would solely have to work off of the sufficient evidence like videos or other victim statements to help the victim. However, without a civilian review board many actions will go unnoticed. That creates more crime against authoritative figures and civilians. Having civilian review crime boards is a way of conducting general deterrence. Excessive use of police force can be a crime or it can lead to a crime like the Eric Garner case who ended up dying. Other police officers would take notice that certain actions they take can result in consequences and they would choose to…show more content…
Without them many of the reported complaints would have not been reported creating a higher number in the dark figure crime. Also reporting a complaint does not necessarily mean you will be creating a lawsuit against an officer. Each complaint goes through rigorous rulings and steps in order for it to be a serious offense or crime. Like any other crime, you’ll have to report a statement in person describing what has happened, where it happened and the description of the officer. Next they will asks witnesses about your account to make sure you’re telling the truth and to add evidence to your story. After the witness statements they will begin to gather evidence. Being that they have subpoena powers, they’re able to access many documents that authoritative figures can have including police department records. They will then conduct multiple interviews with the police officer who is likely to be charged and his/her witnesses. Like dealing in a court office, police officers must appear to the civilian review board to be interviewed and they have to be honest with answering questions. When they 've collected all their evidence and statements, the case is prepared by an investigator who then proceeds to give it to the board. Three board members review the case and decided whether the police officer was unjust or not. If they believe the police office was being unjust, the case is taken to the police

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