What Are The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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According to British Pregnancy Advisory Service, abortion is defined as, when a pregnancy is ended so that it doesn 't result in the birth of a child. Sometimes it is called 'termination of pregnancy '. There are two types of abortion treatment, medical and surgical abortion. Medical abortion, or the abortion pill, is used for those you find out they are pregnant and are able to end the pregnancy early on in their pregnancy between 10 and 24 weeks. Women who are up to 10 weeks’ pregnant takes medication which will cause a miscarriage. Those who are between 10 and 24 weeks pregnant, takes medication that will cause the womb to contract and push out the pregnancy. The other abortion treatment is a surgical abortion, which involves a minor operation.…show more content…
“Pro-life” believers do take instances into consideration where an abortion may be performed, such as rape and or incest abortion. They believe that life begins at contraception which would mean that anyone who decides to have an abortion would be murdering their potential child. Pro-life believers feel as though abortion should be illegal and that it is also immoral. Unless it is health related, they do not take the mother into consideration. They believe that at the moment the mother consented to sexual intercourse she takes on the responsibility of giving birth. It is no excuse that the mother may not be able to take care of the child, in other words the mother should have used the different forms of birth control that is offered so that she would not have to get pregnant. Pro-life believers not only stand by the fact that they believe it is immoral, but also that when a woman decides to have an abortion she could be killing a child that could have had an impact on society. That child could have become the next President, or maybe find the cure to one of the diseases or conditions that have been incurable. Many religions side with the Pro-life believers. They also believe that life begins at contraception, and when a woman has an abortion not only is it immoral, but
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