What Are The Problems Of Poverty And Poverty

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The Social Problems of Poverty and Wealth The economy in the United States is undoubtedly unequally distributed and unstable. Social stratification, the society’s categorization of people in a hierarchy, is to blame for this. Americans subscribe to the perception that everyone should be placed in a certain group for their financial status; high class, meaning the wealthy individuals, or the lower class, the individuals suffering from poverty. Both social classes’ contribute negatively to the people involved. Wealthier communities experience emotional downfalls and isolation while the poverty stricken communities by decreasing their life chances for being successful and even their length of life. The social problems of wealth and poverty…show more content…
“Poverty exists because the economic system is organized in ways that encourage the accumulation of wealth at one end and creates conditions of scarcity that make poverty inevitable at the other end” (Johnson). Poverty exists internationally because of the lack of resources to develop poor societies. Rural areas are home to greater portions of the population who are living below the poverty line. The United States profiles the poor according to age, race, and gender. Every age group is affected by poverty, however, reports have shown that the poverty rates for children 18 years and under are greater. African Americans and Hispanics are at higher risk of being poor. The gender gap in the United States causes women to be at a greater risk of suffering from poverty. However, this social problem has different impacts on people. There is a lack of jobs available, especially to individuals who were not able to receive a diploma or degree which prevents a much needed income to struggling families. Poverty can generate broken families such as single parent homes. Stress from worrying about money is a crucial cause of arguments in relationships that ultimately may end. Nutrition is a good foundation of a healthy life, yet several poor individuals cannot afford nutritious foods. Many jobs are at the low end of the pay scale, which…show more content…
Money can make people feel secure, still, money cannot make people happy. Depression, isolation, and guilt are common outcomes of having vast amounts of money to protect, preserve, and maintain. Poverty stricken homes are more likely to result in single-parent homes, inability to afford important nutritional food, unaffordable homes leading to homelessness and less children are completing higher education. Impoverished people are more likely to become criminals. Poverty is a major social problem affecting the rural counties in the United States. It should be discussed with everyone and preventions should be taken into consideration to help the lower social

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