What Are The Positive Effects Of The Consumer Protection Act

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Effects of the Consumer Protection Act and Employment Standards Act
All around the world there are laws made by municipal, provincial, and federal governments that are made to have a positive impact on its people. If you decide to rob a bank, or decide to hijack a vehicle, there are serious consequences due to the law. These laws positively impact our society by giving our society safety, but do laws such as the Consumer Protection Act, or the Employment Standards Act also give us a positive effect? Both of these acts are made up of many different parts, and I will be going through parts of both acts in this essay.

Consumer Protection Act Part I - Information
The products or services you sell, and how and where you do business, will determine what information you must provide to consumers” . For example, if you are buying a product online, they must send you an e-receipt with the
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Minimum wage is the minimum price you can pay your workers for their time and labor. While workers getting more money may seem like a positive idea, it actually has negative impacts on the economy. If the minimum wage goes too high, due to the increased wage that companies must pay, there will end up being layoffs in companies. They will have to raise their employees wage to a certain amount or higher, but will be unable to do so due to budget. This also results in fewer hirings, making the unemployment rate increase. Also, if the minimum wage is too high, it results in higher prices since companies need to make more money to pay their employees. Lastly, there will be more off-shore hirings, to hire workers for a lower wage. However, a minimum wage that is too low will also harm the economy, since workers are not making enough to support businesses, thus also supporting the economy. It also decreases the quality of life of the worker. Minimum wage has a negative impact on the economy, but can have a positive impact on
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