What Are The Negatives Of Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump's Political Campaign?

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It’s an election year, meaning a new leader enters the White House and change will begin. The Presidential candidates differentiate; some are wise with experience and others have no experience whatsoever. Advertisements of campaigns describe how the presidential candidate will help America, economically and socially. However, some advertisements will talk negatively of other candidates to make them switch sides. In the media today, many Americans are hearing about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as the main candidates running for president. Through the Media we learn about their campaigns and even find out flaws about the Presidential candidates. Media advertisements can either help the candidate exponentially or impact them negatively. Bernie…show more content…
In the political cartoon it’s almost like comparing him to a toddler, he doesn’t get what he wants therefore, he throws a tantrum. He doesn’t win Iowa Caucus and so, he blames the people of their lack of intellect. Donald Trump uses hasty generalization fallacy meaning he generalizes based on too little evidence or little consideration. For example, he believes that in order to get Americans to vote for him, he needs to blame others for American’s economic debt, such as Mexicans and Muslims. He wants people to fear others and turn to him to “Make America Great Again!” as his slogan states. In trying to find a political cartoon, most were about Donald Trump and his negative and outrageous views, for instance building the wall around Mexico and making them pay for it. It’s absurd, how could Mexico possibly pay for it when they are a developing country? Donald Trump 's target audience is white middle-income males; he insults women, insults Mexicans, wants to change Same-Sex Marriage Law, and wants a temporary ban on Muslims. He targets individuals who are tired of the way they live, they want a drastic change and so, the people want to blame their own downfalls on others and Donald Trump is influencing them saying it’s the Mexicans faults, it’s the Muslims faults. Dana Summers political…show more content…
Bernie uses ethos in his speeches by describing his walk with MLK and being arrested for protesting segregation, showing people that he hasn’t changed his viewpoints on equal rights. On the other hand, Donald Trump uses ethos by showing how he made an empire with his own money and he won’t be using other people’s money for his campaign. Bernie Sanders uses logos to show reason why we should tax the rich in order to gain more money to help with universal health care and free college, stating in his campaign ad “American Horizon”. Donald Trump uses logos by stating reasons why illegal immigrants are a problem in our economy and advising a plan to build a wall to keep them from coming to America, as Dana Summers political cartoon describes. However, that’s how far they are similar. In Bernie Sanders’ advertisement “American Horizon” he talks about his campaign and what he plans to accomplish with his campaign. However, throughout the media Donald Trump is always being criticized because of his campaign and his racial slurs as in Dana Summers political cartoon describes. The political cartoon shows how racist and temperamental, he is; showing how ineffective, he would be if elected president. While using a political candidates own ad, the presidential candidate gets to view and add in comments before
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