What Are The Negative Effects Of Video Games?

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The video game industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years. The parents of teenagers and younger children probably know this all too well. In America, 81% of youths play some type of video game once a month, while 8.5% of them are addicted to the gaming frenzy. The average 8 to 12 year old child plays thirteen hours of video games per week, and the average 13 to 18 year old plays them 14 hours per week (Hughes). Many parents feel that these countless hours of playing video games can have negative effects on their children, especially if the games contain violence. Many people think that children should be limited in the amount of time that they are allowed to play video games, while other people feel that children should never be allowed to play them. These feelings may not even be necessary. Video games can have negative effects on the younger generation, but there are many benefits that can be gained by simply enjoying the gaming experience. There are many different types of video games that a young gamer can choose. These choices vary from educational options to more intense, and sometimes violent options. Video game companies have rules that they must follow in order to…show more content…
One simple benefit that can be gained is the ability to follow directions. The gamer must learn to follow the guidelines, restrictions and components of the game in order to advance to higher levels. Video games can also help to sharpen problem-solving skills. Educational games and mind games are designed to make a person use their brain while having fun. These types of games also help the player to learn strategy and anticipation, management of resources, mapping, pattern recognition, and quantitative calculations (Hughes). These games are usually enjoyed by younger children, and are sometimes used by teachers and parents to help with certain learning
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