What Are The Negative Effects Of Cell Phones Essay

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In today’s society many people are debating the topic of teenagers having cell phones. People either think it is a great way for them to stay in touch and learn to communicate with each other or they think that they will use them wrong and cell phones will be distracting. Imagine if you were hanging out with friends and had car troubles, such as a flat tire or a head on collision. You are now stranded in the middle of the country with no way to contact anyone, this could be very dangerous, especially if it was cold out. If the teenagers in this situation had cell phones then this would not be a very big problem, they could just call and get help right away. Cell phones can have a positive and negative influence on teens; I believe they are…show more content…
All of these concerns constitute what we might call the “dark side” of mobile phones,” (Baron). Researchers have found many different reasons why cell phones are inconvenient. They often run out of battery quickly and may be expensive to have. Some say they even cause harmful radiation to your body, but you have to realize how many good things cell phones bring to people. “PACG express that teenagers are addicted and obsessed with texting, while some of the PACG feel that it distracts the teenagers from their study time and other important activities,” (Ravidchandran). These are among the many reasons why many parents don’t think their teenagers should have cell phones. “They believe that plugged-in kids could be missing out on other activities, such as playing outside or hanging out with friends, and that sending text messages or fielding phone calls while doing homework is bad for concentration,” (Rochman). Parents feel like their children will be unproductive, and won’t get school work done, or they won’t have time for other important activities they are involved

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