What Are The Negative Effects Of Bullying?

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Many children growing up experience bullying; it does not matter if it was just one time a week or every day of the week, bullying has an effect on the brain that lasts forever. Even some adults still have trouble with being bullied. Bullying can have an effect on people and their minds worse than any drug on the market. Many believe that bullying should be completely exterminated from schools and the workplace. Others still believe that bullying is not good but still do not want their child to involve themselves so the bullying continues. Then there are the conservative parents that think bullying is good for their child because they think that it will toughen them up. No matter the circumstances bullying should not occur under any circumstance.…show more content…
The experiences of bullying can become biologically embedded in the brain which places the person at lifelong risk for mental and physical health problems(Vaillancourt). These effects include mental health issues such as depression, social anxiety, or suicidal ideation(Shireen). This is not all of the effects of bullying but are some of the most severe effects. Effects such as these can lead to large problems in life for the children affected by bullying. If a child were to developmental issues such as depression the child may never make new friends or never want to do anything with their life which would lead to the bully controlling that child 's life. The child could develop social anxiety which would more than likely get worse as the bullying process continues which means that the child would not likely want to speak in front of anyone be around anyone in general which would not help their bullying case. The anxiety from the bullying may scare them so much that the child may scared and anxious to reach out for help. If bullying continues for a long amount of time it could make the child have thoughts of suicidal action which is a permanent solution to a temporary problem but the child being bullied does not see it this way. The only thing that the child being bullied can think of is the next time that he or she will run into the bully. This is why parents really need to pay close attention to their child for any indication of bullying signs such as mental

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