What Are The Negative Effects Of Adolescence

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Adolescence is considered one of the stages of increased stress for parents. The children are going through a difficult time, in which rebellion, nonconformity, the identity crisis multiply conflicts. The concern of parents for their children 's future, their education, the influence of his friends, who do not take alcohol, drugs, or misuse of sex, is added to generational conflict itself.
During adolescence, there is a rapid physical development as well as deep emotional changes, although they can be exciting, however they can also be confusing and uncomfortable for the teenager and their parents.
Thus today shows that many parents live anxious to express their helplessness before the "new" behavior of their teens. They do not know what to
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And those are caused some negative attitudes of many parents of teenage children imposition and authoritarianism, misunderstanding, disrespect, intolerance, impatience, distrust, fear to be "out of hand" are parents instead of helping the children; exercise new skills like; reflection, critical thinking, reasoning, moral autonomy, privacy, openness to friendship, etc. the parents are engaged with the best intentions to stop them. This not only delay the maturation of their children but also provoke situations of isolation and…show more content…
It is authoritarian parents who demand obedience to their authority and favor the use of punishment and discipline to control behaviors that are not considered correct. They are the parents of "because I said so" that do not facilitate dialogue in the family, uncommunicative and unloving. The children of these authoritarian parents are often little more timid and tenacious when pursuing goals. They act influenced by the reward or punishment he will receive his behavior. For example, they do not greet an adult because they want or want to express their affection, but because if they do not, they will be punished or recrimination. They have low self-esteem because they see themselves as responsible for their successes or failures. The lack of dialogue at home makes children often tend to be a little happy, unhappy, irritable and vulnerable to
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