What Are The Most Important Values In My Life

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Over the past 17 years I have learned many values and experiences that shaped my life. The most effective values that I have learned and used every day of my life are being motivated, optimistic, and passionate. These three values helped me get up in the morning and helped me become a better person to fulfill my goal of becoming a Cardiac surgeon. I have to be motivated every day by my goal of becoming a Cardiac surgeon, so I do not waste my life staying in bed all day and getting nothing done, while more and more people constantly get killed by heart disease. This motivation is needed, because not everyone can wake up and decide this is what they want to do in life. I am optimistic that I can one day be involved in bringing heart disease down…show more content…
I had chosen these academic areas because I was able to learn how to write precise and grammatically correct lab reports using the skills I learned in these classes. I learned how to use the variety of tools to do dissections, which will help me become a surgeon in the future. Lastly, I was able to use my AP English class to help me become a better writer than before in my past. The work that I accomplished in these classes matters most, because I will use this work beyond high school and into college where doing lab reports, dissections, and writing numerous essays are not going to be something new, but something that I have excelled at. I am proud of the work I did, because I was able to understand what everyone was talking about when they said, “I have to do so many reports and essays”. When I was finished taking the course, I realized that this was actually very helpful and wanted to do…show more content…
The different classes and activities that I was involved in helped me grow in other aspects of my life, not limiting it straight to academics. The meaning that my high school experience had on me is priceless and I would not give that up for anything else in the world. The different values, skills, and determination that I have learned and used defines what I have accomplished in the past four years at high school and gives it a whole other meaning. I have noticed new connections between school and my life, where I learned that school will always be a part of my life, because of all of the things that I have learned and things I yet to learn. High school is not the end to my education, but a vital part of my life, because of the new experiences and knowledge that I gained over the last four
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