What Are The Importance Of Reading And Writing

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Storytelling is definitely a good pre-writing activity as it provides students with the opportunity to make connections to the story that was read and the story they have to write. Furthermore, reading a story before writing a piece of work allows for access to the pupils’ prior knowledge and contributes to its enrichment with new information. From my point of view, it is very important that the storyline spurs interest among students so that they are motivated to write about it. Ideas extracted from storytelling allow students to build up their confidence, as they know what to write about. In other words, storytelling helps pupils to think of several ideas so that they have something to talk about. It is also a good exercise for
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In fact, reading and writing go hand-in-hand and they play a very important role throughout the stages of the writing process. Reading allows for students to jot down ideas and vocabulary they may consider interesting for their writings. From my experience, it is very useful to use pre-writing strategies, such as reading, in order to generate ideas and points of view. Even the best writers use them as they give them the opportunity to discover more about a topic. Although reading can be quite time consuming, I believe the more time you spend reading, the less time you will spend writing because ideas will be a lot clearer. It can be stated that reading develops topics and ideas.

Language presentation
In my opinion, language presentation is important throughout the writing process itself. However, I do not think it is a good pre-writing activity as it does not help the writer formulate and generate ideas about a topic but focus on language and form.

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It allows for pupils to take notes (vocabulary and ideas) in order to create ideas and plan their written piece of work. From my point of view, it also fosters students’ imagination and creativity. As studies show, music and songs accelerate student’s abilities in idea generation. This is the reason why findings suggest that foreign language teachers should use music and songs in their writing lessons, as they are a facilitative aid when generating ideas in the pre-writing stage of the writing process.

Listening to class CD
Listening to certain activities from the class CD can also be useful for students to develop their note-taking skills. This will provide them with several ideas that they will be able to use in their writings. However, if the activity is not related to the students’ piece of work, there is no point in using the CD. This could rather be used as a listening activity to foster students’ listening comprehension.

Watching video or
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