What Are The Five Elements Of The Promotional Mix

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There are 5 different elements within the promotional mix. They use these to meet their marketing objectives. The 5 elements have different objectives but they all are used to meet the overall marketing objective of the business. The five elements are: Advertising, Personal selling, Public Relations, Direct marketing and Sales Promotion.

Advertising is a way to make businesses noticed by people that are not aware of its presence. By advertising in popular places it enhances the reputation of the business. There are also different types of advertising like competitive advertising. This means that they will be advertising solely to try and “emphasise the special features of the product to try and out sell the competition (Brassington, F 2013 Pg. 372)”. There are a variety of ways of advertising, this could be billboards, TV adverts and many more. The business can use advertising to link in with their sales promotion as they will be able to show offers they have in the business which will be a form of advertising and sales promotion.

Personal selling is when a business will have an individual who will be representing the organisation, will go to potential customers and speak to them face to face to try and persuade them to buy from their organisation. Personal selling is not only about
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This creates a direct link between customers and the business. By using direct marketing it can create a relationship between customers and business which is beneficial for the business as the customers will create a form of loyalty to that business. Also, businesses will use this as they can measure the responses of the customers by using the response rate. This will allow the business to receive opinions from the customers. An example of direct marketing would be Asos. They email previous customers offers that will be upcoming in their store to attract them to
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