What Are The Ethical Issues In Food Inc

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Food, Inc. The way that our society has been able to produce food has changed in the last fifty years that the several thousand years beforehand. Robert Kenner addresses problems of our society’s food system and how there is only a handful of large corporations that have basically taken over the food system in the United States in the film Food, Inc. Large businesses have been able to significantly produce vast amounts of food and set low prices for consumers, usually because of government subsidies, which results in enormous profit and greater control of the food supply sources. This leads to negative health, safety, and economic consequences. This documentary examines the exercises of the few large food corporations from the start of production…show more content…
Since the main goal for these corporations are to maximize their profit, it is in their best interest to come up with the most efficient and productive techniques to accomplish this objective. Many harmful effects are overlooked by corporations and the government in order to increase productivity and keep costs low. The details with the food itself, the animals that are produced, the workers in the assembly lines, and the actual consumers that may lead to numerous harmful effects. The film examines the industrial side of meat production by showing footage inside of the meat processing planets and describes this as ‘inhumane, economically and environmentally unsustainable’. There was a problem with the bacterial cell, e. coli, getting into food by unsanitary practices of the meat processing plants. Often cow and pigs would just stand in their own manure that contained e. coli for days on end and that would have the possibility of getting into the meat that is served to customers. Some food corporations had problems with exploitations of workers that contribute to their product. The film showed that many chicken farmers are treated poorly and dive deeper into debt by producing more and more. Companies will also target illegal foreign workers to make their products in order to cut down on costs as

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