What Are The Ethical Dilemma In Social Media

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Introduction This paper is about an ethical dilemma that can affect health care organizations. Social media, for example Facebook was chosen and discussed to describe possible dilemmas, its history, and major ethical issues that can arise from its use. Social media was the topic discussed because technology is an essential aspect in the world today. However, several problems may arise if social media is not used professionally by health care workers. Also, guidelines were provided for health care facilities to be successful when using social media as a tool. Ethical dilemmas are circumstances where moral prerequisites conflict and none of the requirement is overruled. Also, ethics entail a systematic process of reflection…show more content…
Also, the United States presidential election stimulated one hundred million users to join Facebook in the year 2008, approximately one month before Election Day. Facebook, a form of social media, has played a major role in the U.S 2012 presidential election (Carlisle & Patton, 2013). Likewise, Facebook or social media can be instrumental to healthcare needs. The result depends on the organization’s training on social media and their choice of use. According to Loyola University Health System (2015), using social media in health care organizations can lead to a faster response to health care tragedies, enhanced communication among pharmaceuticals and other recollections, more personal health care establishments, and patients feeling more involved with their physician or health facility. So overall, social media can be beneficial since health information can be available to a larger number of people. On the other hand, social media can become an ethical dilemma for health care institutions if employees do not use the system
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