What Are The Effects Of Hurricanes

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Jacqueline Delgado Professor Clements Metr 10 4 May 2014 Hurricanes Hurricanes are one of nature’s most powerful forces that cause devastating outcomes on life and property. They have been the cause of thousands of deaths in the world. They are very intense storms with strong winds that exceed 74 miles per hour. Hurricane storms form over the warm seawater of the northern Atlantic and eastern North Pacific oceans (textbook, page 314). In the northern hemisphere the circulation of the hurricane moves counterclockwise while in the southern hemisphere it moves clockwise. Hurricanes can also be seen as giant whirlwinds that move around a center of extreme low pressure, reaching a maximum velocity that extends outwards 20 or 30 miles from the rim of the eye. “Hurricanes are formed from a large number of thunderstorms arranged in a pinwheel formation”(Indiana, 2013). In this research paper I will identify the different types of hurricanes, how they are formed, and the effects of hurricanes. There are five different types of hurricanes. There is Category one, in which its winds speed is 74-95 miles per hour. This hurricane does not do much damage to ones property; it mainly affects tress, shrubbery, and unanchored mobile homes. It is around 4-5 feet tall. The second type of hurricane is category two, which its winds speed is 95-110 miles per hour. Category two causes extensive damage, trees are blown down, mobile homes are severely damaged as well as roof tops and buildings. It is about 6-8 feet tall. The third type of hurricane is category three, which has wind speed of 111-130 miles per hour. Category three causes devastating damage. Large trees are blown out, foliage is removed from trees, mobile homes are destroyed, and ... ... middle of paper ... ...rder to grow back the tress that were blown out by the hurricane. In addition to all the problems I mentioned above it can also cause another natural disaster to occur. Since the winds are very strong during a hurricane a storm surge is at its peak causing a possibility of tornadoes to occur right after the storm is over. In addition the storm surge is very responsible for the most damage as well as deaths during a hurricane. The strong winds of a hurricane can cause widespread damage. If the hurricane continues for a long period of time it can cause flooding rains. Figure 3: Before and after a hurricane (graceadamshurricanekatrina.gov) In figure three it shows the after effect of hurricane Katrina. It shows the destruction and the damaged it made to peoples homes. Many of these people lost their homes all their property but most importantly their loved ones.

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