What Are The Effects Of Globalization In The 20th Century

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The turn of the 20th century brought about an unprecedented level of technological innovation and social upheaval to an increasingly globalized world. America experienced these changes first hand as many of the ruralized areas of past centuries begin to be inundated with the effects of new technologies such as locomotives and automobiles which ignited population growth into rural areas. Across the world Europe was also undergoing the effects of the technological advancements brought on by the 20th century, but the effects were proving to have more negative results. The nations of Europe were undergoing increased militarization which led to a rise in tensions and would culminate in what appeared to be an inevitable war. In 1914 the fears of Europe were manifested when an assignation set off a European conflict which threatened to drag the entire world into disarray including America. The Florida historic Quarterly…show more content…
The Miami herald urged Florida farmers who were serious about the war effort to plant as many dependable crops as the could to ensure there was a large supply of which could prevent the need to import food and instead send excess food to the troops. The Florida times union offered the idea of growing community gardens on public land in an effort to combat a domestic food shortage. By the end of the war most regional and large newspapers had thrown their support towards the American war effort. Thorough out the foreign issue Florida’s small weekly papers found in rural low populous areas had failed to adequately cover the international situation in Europe as they were mostly concerned with detailing local events which had direct effects in there residing areas. Though these papers lacked coverage they routinely agreed with the federal governments decisions in regards to the handling of the war and did little to dissent form their

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