What Are The Effects Of Advertising In Advertising

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Advertisements seem to have integrated themselves into every aspect of society. On average, a person sees about 5000 ads per day over almost every surface we see. Without these advertisements walls would be bare and streets would be colorless. Since the information on advertisements is constantly being fed into people’s heads companies should not use harmful tactics to gain the attention. These tactics include subtle messages that change the perspective of the viewer or set expectations for something untrue. Most of the tactics used are unfair to the consumer and unethical. It is proven from the horrible effects of Hitler’s beliefs that the more an idea is repeated the more likely society is to believe it. This is how advertisements work. They…show more content…
Only 25% of surveyed teenage girls feel like they have high self-esteem. The rest of them reported to have engaged in harmful activities like drugs or self-harm. (“11 Facts About Teens and Self Esteem”). This is because they are always seeing girls on ads that are displayed as being perfect. Archon says, “Advertising makes us feel like we are not enough as we are” which explains these teenager’s levels of anxiety and self-doubt. (Archon). Another statistic proved this by stating that 70% of girls did not attend school or other activities because they were self-conscious about their appearance. (“11 Facts About Teens and Self Esteem”). Large companies should have no say on how people feel, especially children and teenagers. Unfortunately, businesses know that young people are easy targets and they single them…show more content…
Business and large companies understand the importance of advertising in today’s world and they understand how to manipulate it. For example, since many issues can now be addressed through advertising the government has been called upon to use ads to positively affect society. (Griffin and O’Cass 130). In this study by Deborah Griffin and Aron O’Cass they observe how life decisions can be affected by advertisements like the issue of binge-drinking. They are testing that if an advertisement is believable enough it can change the mindset of the viewer. They found that “the believability of social advertisements was also found to be significant because of its positive effect on attitude towards the issue for those not engaging in the behavior.” (Griffin and O’Cass
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