What Are The Differences Between The Samurai And The Arthurian Knight

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Assessing the code of a warrior can come about in many ways and sometimes can be very unclear as to what exactly is the code of warrior. When it comes to the Samurai and the Arthurian knight, their codes are much clearer. These two warrior codes have many similarities but have very distinct differences that make them unique to their own code.
The Arthurian knights and the Samurai both served for someone higher than them and thus, both fell within the same rank in their respective areas. The Arthurian knights fell below their lords and the king. The Samurai fell below their daimyo and the shogun. Both the Samurai and the knight could be and were considered athletes. They both participated in tournaments. For the Samurai this was kendo, a form
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For the Samurai this was the Bushido and strict rules of chivalry for the Arthurian knights. The Samurai saw the Bushido as not just any set of rules that had to be followed by but a way of life. It was an honor that could not be broken. This is one of the distinct differences between the Samurai and the Arthurian knights; honor. Honor was of the utmost importance in Japan. The Japanese saw suicide as an honorable way to end one’s life and in doing so, the Samurai would much rather commit hara-kiri then face dishonoring their code and leaders. If a battle was lost or if there was no possibility of winning a Samurai would make a cut in their stomach and then a retainer would take off their head, successfully committing hara-kiri to prevent dishonor. This was not seen within the Arthurian…show more content…
It was important to always remain noble and loyal to their King but it was also important to act as policemen to keep peace and defend any women that requested of them. Their code was an actual oath that they would take every year at a ceremony. It was a moral code of action, one that required a knight to act morally right and for bided the acts of being morally bad. This oath was to be obeyed but was not supposed to be acted on in a sense of strict rules that a knight must always remember to honor and follow, but rather was meant to inspire and strengthen the knights to follow in its path.
As for weaponry, the Samurai and the Arthurian knight both were full body armor to protect themselves and used bow and arrows and a sword. The knights had a wide range of different weapons they would use, such as a mace. The knights’ weapons were often dull or tipped off. The Samurai would use short-bladed naginata and a long sword called a no-dachi with a four foot blade when on foot. When not on foot they carried katanas and lengthy compound
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