What Are The Differences Between The Federalist Views Of The Constitution

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Once the Constitution was drafted to replace the Articles of Confederation, the feud between the Federalists and Anti-Federalist simmered down because the decision of the Federalist to include the Bill of Rights placated the Anti-Federalists’ fears about the renovations. After the Bill of Rights was implemented, the Anti-Federalists transitioned into the Democratic-Republicans, thus beginning the conflicting views between the two emerging political parties, the Federalists and Democrat-Republicans. The essential differences between the two parties, Federalists and Democrat-Republicans, were primarily those concerned with leader, banking and national debt, federal government, views of democracy, system of handling government,business and government, and regional distinctions

To start off, The Federalists were led by Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of Treasury who argued for an
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Federalists viewed the national debt with great approval because they believed that having the debt made people essentially good and trustable because if people paid and honored a debt, that meant they were good for their word and reliable. Because they sought to revamp the Article of Confederation with the Constitution, the Federalists believed in having a powerful central government for the reasons that it provided stability. Their views on federal government were that it should have a strong central government like mentioned previously and that the Constitution should not be taken so literal, meaning their interpretation of the Constitution was more lax and loose since they often implied rights that weren’t written explicitly and verbatim in the actual Constitution. Federalist believed in limited democracy because only the elite should have a say, while those inferior should be silenced. This belief eventually and heavily influenced the development of the Alien and Sedition Acts, where certain people were not allowed to vote or have a say. Building on their notion to

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