What Are The Differences Between Sparta And Athens

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Throughout history, Greece could easily be labeled as one of the world’s most diverse ideological locations. From the coasts and Universities of Athens to the Agoge of Sparta, it has become abundantly clear that there was a great amount of difference between these two Greek city-states. Consequently, both Poli developed and grew in greatly different ways because of how each of them performed the many tasks of running a successful governing body, or society for that matter. Athens and Sparta had a plethora of similarities and differences, the main two most diverse ideas being the government, and the military.

The Athenian government focused very heavily on democracy, and lacked much of a powerful military. The foremost mentioned democratic
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Exploring these ideas more in depth, there was a very distinct difference in the idea of who should be running the government. In the eyes of the Athenians, the people should have more control, and should be allowed to join the Assembly, so long of course, that they are male, and a citizen of Athens. Conversely, Sparta maintains that there should one or two people leading, along with a less impactful assembly. Where Athens and Sparta do coincide is the fact that they both have as previously mentioned before: an assembly. They act in relatively similar ways, with the main difference being that the Spartan assembly could easily be vetoed by the Kings, making it practically useless in a lot of situations. Militarily, Athens and Sparta also coincide, as seen with the fact that both Athens and Sparta valued their military. Athens sought to conquer others, and as such utilized its military forces. Sparta did much the same, uniting the southern parts of Greece together using its massive military muscle. What differs however, is that Sparta used their own navy far less than the Athenians ever did, considering Sparta was much too far away from the coast. Sparta and Athens also differ in the societal norms when it comes to joining the military. In Sparta, it was a must to join the military, while in Athens it was simply a choice to join the
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