What Are The Difference Between Legalism And Confucianism

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1. The warring states of China were united through a combination of philosophical and religious traditions. One of the first answers to the problem was Legalism. Legalism was created by Han Fei, who believed that an empire would only succeed if it imposed strict laws on its people to discourage bad behavior. Legalism quickly fell out of favor after the end of the Qin Dynasty because of its harshness. The successor to the Qin Dynasty, the Han Dynasty, adopted Confucianism. Confucianism was not really a religion, but more of a philosophical outlook on life. Filial piety, social harmony, and ethics were now emphasized. The final major school of thought that integrated Chinese culture was Daoism. Daoism was based on the concept of nature, and urged people to "disengage in public life" and to seek out nature instead. 2. Confucianism sought to help streamline society and encourage proper participation in politics. Filial piety was said to have even mimicked a form of bureaucracy in the family unit. This stands in sharp contrast to Daoism which urged its followers to withdraw from political life and find solace in nature. Interestingly though, Daoism was seen as complementary to Confucianism, and…show more content…
Hinduism was the first major religion to develop in South Asia. Along with it, came a strict caste system and clear social hierarchy. Hinduism stressed the importance of karma and people purifying their lives over many reincarnations to achieve holy perfection. Later on, Buddhism developed in India and incorporated many of the same cultural and religious practices. One key change was the looseness of the religion in regards to social status, as it did not see a person 's place in the caste system as a factor in achieving the afterlife. In response to a decline in Hinduism, especially among the poorer classes, Hinduism became more accepting of these classes and also developed alternate paths of devotion. In summation, South Asian religion has taken on a trend of

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