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In ancient Egypt, people wore lightweight and loose clothing, because there was little rainfall and because of the heat. The women wore full length dresses, called the Kalasiris, it was with either one shoulder strap or no shoulder strap, the priests wore leather, and the children didn’t have to wear anything until they were six years old, slaves worked naked otherwise they wore tunic dresses, which was made out linen. Most of the clothing people wore in ancient Egypt was made of linen, which was made out of fibers from flax plants. People who were really wealthy would have jewelry on their clothing. People walked with either slippers, sandals or barefoot. Ancient Egyptians wore jewelry like the amulet, and they put on makeup to honor the gods.
Horus was the god of war, the sky, and protection. He was the son of Isis and Osiris (who were also gods); he was one of the most known gods. He was normally in the form of a falcon, that why his name Horus means ‘he who is in the sky’. He used to be one of Ancient Egypt’s rulers. He fought with his Uncle Seth, because he killed Horus’ father. When they were fighting Seth hit Horus in the eye, but Horus still won the battle, and after the days Horus’ eye healed; that is why his eye is the symbol of protection, and to the people of ancient Egypt, he was one of the well known protectors of Egypt. His eye can also mean the moon and the sun.
Rhodopis was a Greek slave girl, who had been captured since she was little girl, she was described as beautiful and her cheeks were blushing roses. She was poor, sad and she was home sick. She was a kind, easygoing person who was always willing to help; she was very content, and pleased with what she had even though it wasn’t muc...

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...le sold items. Most people traded, since they didn’t use money; their trade was based on Deben, which was the way people weighed the objects. Slaves were sold in the marketplace; they were set up on a stone pulpit, where people would bid on them.
The courtyard was a large, open room, with huge breathtaking monuments, which was made out of mud, where different thing like festivals and parties were celebrated. The courtyard means enclosed space. Pharaoh’s did justice in the courtyard, he or she listened to the people’s complains and whatever they has to say. It also had historical pictures that people would paint from a long time ago. The courtyard was a place where Pharaohs would make offering to the gods and goddesses, which was why different animals were kept there. No one could enter the courtyard, only if the was something special that was happening.

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