What Are The Challenges Of Social Entrepreneurs?

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Entering the social business world is simply not an easy task to do. It is not as simple as how they make it seem to be. There will be a lot of obstacles, challenges and risks that the social entrepreneur will have to face and overcome. Social entrepreneurs are innovators as well. Social entrepreneurs see social problems and they create a way to address the social issues that they see. Addressing the issues they see will take time. It will take years and years of effort, hard work and persistence. All these efforts may sometimes not result to what the social entrepreneur had in mind. It may even fail to solve the social issue they are motivated to address but a true social entrepreneur doesn’t give up. A true social entrepreneur exploits all…show more content…
They see the problem they want to address and they use business means to face and fight these problems. He forms effective social organizations that help out in addressing and combating these problems. Having a solid groundwork for the foundations of social entrepreneurship is important in building up the social organization.
Social entrepreneurs want to fix social issues and problems. A social entrepreneur is involved with several issues such as the environment, business, government, economy, climate change, poverty, natural disasters, crime rate, terrorism and so on. Social entrepreneurs see these problems more than the rest and unlike the rest of the world; they want to do something about these issues and problems. A social entrepreneur focuses on one of these given issues and problems and uses the social business to tackle these issues and problems.
A social entrepreneur should start small. He should focus on a certain issue and problem and work his way up to bigger more defined goals while building up his social business success. A social entrepreneur may start small, but along the way, when he is building a name for himself, he may tackle bigger issues and problems and he may be able to use his influence to tackle and address other social issues and problems as
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For-profit businesses have “paid” employees whereas nonprofit organizations may rely on either paid or volunteer employees or both.
Social entrepreneurship involves working with others internally and externally to expand its networks. Social entrepreneurs take advantage of the surroundings and build relationships with other organizations as well. He establishes relationships and communicates with other organizations that share the same vision. Not only does he build relationships with other social businesses but also private for-profit companies as well. All these networks may help the social enterprise in achieving the enterprise’s goals and objectives.
A social entrepreneur will be face with challenges. He will be rejected, turned down, and fail repeatedly. The important thing to remember is that he should never give up simply because he failed or got rejected. Commitment is what he needs in order to achieve positive changes and in order to solve some of the social issues at
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