What Are The Challenges Of Peer Pressure In A Relationship?

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In today 's world, people have been facing many challenges.These challenges are impacting society. Jails are getting full with criminals, hospital are full with sick people, people are getting hurt. Students are not getting their education.Each year 42,773 americans die by suicide. Not many students have a degree, nor have any education. Teeneagers have been facing with many obstasles in their life, but have parents,teachers,peers, family member notices their struggles in everyday life. Many teens faces some type of struggles, but many teens faces peer pressure,school pressure,and pressure in a relationship. To start off,there are three type of peer pressure one which is direct peer pressure,this pressure involves students to decide good or wrong…show more content…
For example skipping class, many students feel like skipping class just because their friends are doing it and want to be part of the crew, also what to be considered “cool” for skipping class. Another pressure is indirect peer pressure. It involves teens to use drugs like marijuana and alcohol and many other drugs and as well to be sexual active.As in 2014, National institute of drug abuse indicate 6.5% of 8th graders uses marijuana, and for 10th graders at a rate of 16.6% and 21.2% for 12th graders. As for alcohol use 8th grader are at 9% and 10th graders of 23.5% and 12th graders of a rate of 37.4%. Teens might get in the pressure on drugs since mostly every teens are trying it and are doing it, over the year the percentages will increase and it will gives the teens more pressure to be involved with it. Not only their friends will pressure them more to keep doing it or to try it,but teens get really stressed out, and use drugs as a coping strategies and it can become addicted to them,and they will keep using drug until they get help. Teens won 't be able to think well of their action, especially if they 're under the influence of drugs.The sad part is by just doing it once,can get that person into

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